“Mom, Be Happy, So I Can Be Too” – A Letter From a Son

letter son to mother

Dear Mom,

As I reflect on my childhood, I remember your worried face – always fighting, enduring, and sacrificing. Recently, I read that the children of unhappy parents find it difficult to find happiness, and it’s true. I wish you knew that too. You put up with humiliations and scandals with Dad, thinking that you had to sacrifice yourself for me. But the lesson I have learned is that children absorb both the smile and sadness of their parents. Mom, be happy so I can be too.

Please don’t try to protect me from everything.

It’s impossible, and it’s not necessary. I remember the days when you watched over me like an eagle, never letting me out of your sight. You wouldn’t let me ride my bike because you were afraid I would fall and hurt myself. But I went ahead and fell anyway, bruised and scraped all over. Through these experiences, I learned to stand up, get up, and keep going. I hardened my will and character, and I owe it to you.

And please don’t iron my shirt for me because I need to learn how to do it myself. The shirt is just a symbol. It symbolizes your pure-hearted desire to always be helpful, to make my days lighter, and to meet my needs. But to learn my life lessons, I need my bitter experiences, Mom.

Sometimes I missed your smile

There were days when you were so tired, busy, and worried that you forgot to smile. On those days, I missed that smile of yours – filled with so much vitality, inspiration, and energy, and infectious to everyone around. I wish I had given you more reasons to smile, but I can’t turn back time.

Don’t try to be a perfect mother.

To me, you are perfect, even when you’re not. Even if you don’t believe it, you are perfect – with your imperfections, weaknesses, and fears. You are my mother, the one who gave me life, and to whom I owe so much. I’ve seen you try to outdo yourself because you didn’t think you were doing enough. You worked at night to provide me with a better future, an expensive school, and a bunch of things I didn’t really need. Today, I want to give back to you, and I don’t even know how yet.

Forgive me for every tear.

Even when I slammed the door in front of you, telling you that I was sick of you and your remarks, I knew how much I hurt you. And because you always forgave me, I didn’t set boundaries. After every tear of yours, I cried inside too, even though I seemed indifferent and cold to you. Forgive me for being ungrateful, for playing with your feelings, and for telling you all this now.

I love you, Mom.

This is the most important thing I want you to know. In my own weird, selfish, and belated way, you are the person I love with all my heart, and I thank you for who I am, for who you are, and for everything you’ve done for me.

With love,

Your son

Author: SiMoNe

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